Pre-IBDP information (class I and II of Polish secondary school)

This is another year our school accepts candidates for IB Programme preparatory class (Pre-IB classes). The organization of Pre-IB classes is based on the structure of Polish secondary school. All the subjects (execpt Polish, History and Geography of Poland) are taught billingually at the beginning and later on in English. The system aims at preparing students for IB Diploma Programme where teaching and learning is conducted in English (expect for languages other than English). Students are also prepared to work using methods essential for IB Diploma Programme, they develop skills related to working with various sources, essay writing skills or working in laboratories. Classes are conducted by teachers who also teach in IB Programme. After graduation, the student has the possibility to join IB Diploma Programme (after a succesfully evaluated writing assignment) or continue their education in standard Polish secondary school. In addition, teachers provide reccomandations to aid in making the decision.


Admissions to Pre-IBDP classes are conducted on the basis of an interview with the IB Programme Coordinator or the Headmaster as well on exam in English. Decisions regarding admissions are made by the Headmaster who takes into account final marks from the previous year and, if available, mid-year marks from the current class as well as the result of the interview. The remaining principles overlap the ones stated for candidates applying to Polish secondary school:


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