"As the traveler who has once been from home is wiser than he who has never left his own doorstep, so a knowledge of one other culture should sharpen our ability to scrutinize more steadily, to appreciate more lovingly, our own."
Margaret Mead
cultural anthropologist

Among vital traits the young person entering adult life needs to possess in the globalized world are those of conscious functioning, international mindedness and readiness. Parents and teachers treat those characteristics as motivation to maintain the sense of belonging to international community and an ongoing development for the sake of future generations.

We would like the student, the participant of international activities at VIII PALO, to receive a through education in order to pursue the career of his dreams. It is vital for us to equip the youth with knowledge regarding their roots and help them realize the importance of respect towards other people. Thus, such a person is capable of becoming a self-confident global citizen.

Building the profile of VIII PALO student, one who follows principles of ethics both in private and school life, thinks critically, is curious of people and the world, is constantly supported through international activities at the school. The aim of such support is to develop both linguistic and multicultural competences. Our actions are based on four pillars of education described in UNESCO programme for Associated School, and they are as follows:

  • Learning to Know,

  • Learning to do,

  • Learning to Live Together, Learn to Live with Others

  • Learning to Be

(source: UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network)

The students of VIII PALO are constantly developing their vocabulary and multicultural competences while attending foreign language classes. Our school provides students with extra language classes, lessons with native speakers of English and Spanish as well as classes conducted only in English as part of IB department. Moreover, our students have the opportunity to confront and evaluate their knowledge and skills while participating in numerous international conferences, young leaders’ conference, student exchanges, International Models United Nations as well as project activities in countries such as: Germany, Norway, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, India, Nepal, the USA and Senegal.

We believe that the time spent in high school is the best period to raise awareness and strengthen our students in the conviction that the world is full of possibilities and they can achieve extraordinary things in their adult lives as long as they show commitment, empathy and work hard. We strive to keep our students open-minded, try to inspire and encourage them as well as provide them with theoretical knowledge and practical means of implementing it.

Student exchanges


Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School

Gurgaon, New Delhi
DPS Gurgaon


Gymnasium Johanneum

Gymnasium Johanneum

Gymnasium Johanneum


Malpi International School

Malpi International School

Best Residential Boarding School of Nepal
Malpi Intl’s School


Gjøvik videregående skole, IB World School

Gjøvik videregående skole

IB World School
Gjøvik videregående skole


Pompano Beach High School

Pompano Beach High School

Florida, USA
International Summit


Broad Run High School

Broad Run High School

Ashburn, VA, USA
Loudoun International Youth Leadership

Student exchanges gallery

World Conference for Development of Global Education

International Summit

 Pompano Beach High School, Florida

International Youth Leadership Summit

Loudoun International Youth Leadership Summit

Broad  Run High School, Ashburn

Model United Nations

Model United Nations of Malmo

Change the World Model United Nations, New York City

Study visits in partner schools

Charity Begins at Home Program

Charity Begins at Home Program with Navrachana International School, IB World School, Vadodara, as part of Creativity-Activity-Service; personal self-development programme based on voluntary work, artistic and sports activities.

Charity Begins at Home Program

Central Valley Christian School, California Link: Academics by Central Valley Christian School in Visalia CA

International publications by our students

The book containing narratives written by students from four continents: The Power of International Stories: Coming of Age in the Global Villages[1] 

Link: The Power of International Stories: Coming of Age in the Global Village – Main page ( [1]  

Through writing stories that reflected their culture or themselves, students became published authors. Their teachers placed these stories in their cultural context as well as were asked to contribute a statement or quote about the importance of stories. Students and teachers from four continents and nine countries contributed: Armenia, Bangladesh, Colombia, Estonia, Georgia, India, Poland, Russia, and the United States, to demonstrate the power of story as these adolescents are coming of age in our global village. This book was funded by a U. S. State Department grant.

Artur Kapera, the student of VIII PALO as the co-author of scientific articles in English:

  1. Animals and their Role in Tourism – Examples and Controversies from around the World and from Poland, co-author: Artur Kapera

G-T-2019-02_08-Kapera.pdf (

  1. Hunting tourism in Poland – an outline of the problem, co-author: Artur KaperaG-T-2020-02_1_20200811 (

International partners at VIII PALO

The teacher of English Literature, Ms Allyson Daly from Wayne Community College, North Carolina, the USA conducted workshops focused on speaking properly in English. The programme was also implemented at Delhi Public School in India. The materials were corrected on DVD and shared online: A good person speaking well. Link:

24 teachers of VIII PALO took part in Erasmus plus project, Key Action 1, “Foreign languages open doors to knowledge friendship and the world”.