VIII Private Academic High School is a school that emerged from the need to create an alternative to system of education where a young person might easily disappear in a crowd.

Teaching at our school is based on:

• a sense of responsibility for each student
• a conviction that a vital role of the school is to look after the well-being of its students and care for their comprehensive and balanced development
• people who dream that school does not only pass on knowledge but also teaches respect for others, makes young people aware of their rights and duties as well as convinces students that honesty and responsibility are values which can constitute life guidelines
• a belief that the key to success in education is positive motivation to study
• a clear system of requirements and consistent duty execution of both teachers and students, supported by a friendly approach towards each student
• being aware of modern world dangers and opposing them

Our potential

  • • experienced and friendly teachers
    • open-minded approach towards new solutions
    • friendly atmosphere
    • classes up to 20 students
    • genuine educational offer
    • response system that efficiently deals with emergency situations
    • “School Distinguished for Upbringing” certificate
    • cooperation with universities in Cracow
    • various successes in subject olympiads
    • teaching results confirmed by high scores in external exams and successes of our alumni
    • wide selection of PE activities
    • various extra-curricular activities
    • participation in the cultural life of Cracow
    • international cooperation