Our school became the IB-accredited school in September 2011 as IB World School no. 006265, and is legally allowed by International Baccaulaureate Organization to teach following the IB Diploma Programme which prepares students to take IB examinations. VIII PALO began teaching in IB Diploma Programme in the school year 2011/12 (first examinations took place in May 2013). It was possible due to approval of Ministry of National Education to create DP classes preparing for IB examinations. DP classes preparing for IB examinations can be attended by students who received promotion from class II of Polish secondary school or Pre-IB class II.

IBO Certifcate [file]
Ministry of National Education approval [file]

IB DP classes: Pre-IB and IB DP

A DP class follows a programm that differs from the one of the Polish secondary school, thus Polish core curriculum does not apply. DP classes at VIII PALO aim at preparing students to obtain International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Education is divided into two stages: classes I and II of Polish secondary school are called Pre-IB classes that prepare students to work in a two-year IB Diploma Programme, and classes III and IV of Polish secondary school (IB DP1 and IB DP2 classes).

Pre-IB information (class I and II of Polish secondary school)

This is another year our school accepts candidates for IB Programme preparatory class (Pre-IB classes). The organization of Pre-IB classes is based on the structure of Polish secondary school. All the subjects (execpt Polish, History and Geography of Poland) are taught billingually at the beginning and later on in English. The system aims at preparing students for IB Diploma Programme where teaching and learning is conducted in English (expect for languages other than English). Students are also prepared to work using methods essential for IB Diploma Programme, they develop skills related to working with various sources, essay writing skills or working in laboratories. Classes are conducted by teachers who also teach in IB Programme. After graduation, the student has the possibility to join IB Diploma Programme (after a successfully evaluated writing assignment) or continue their education in standard Polish secondary school. In addition, teachers provide recommendations to aid in making the decision.

IB subjects offered at VIII PALO

Each IB school presents its offer of subjects depending on its organizational abilities; the list may change with time. Currently, VIII PALO offers the following subjects:

Group 1: Polish Literature, English Literature (SL, HL)
Group 2: English, German, Spanish, French (B SL/HL)
Group 3: History, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Business Management (SL/HL)
Group 4: Biology, Physics, Chemistry (SL/HL), Computer Science SL, Sport, Exercises and Health Science SL
Group 5: Mathematics (SL/HL): Applications and Interpretations or Analysis and Approaches
Group 6: Visual Arts (SL/HL)

Why choose IB Diploma Programme at VIII PALO?

Our school was established more than 25 years ago and is well known and regarded in Cracow. The results achieved by our graduates in Polish system place VIII PALO very high in various rankings, also due to successes achieved in olympiads (some of the winners are students of IB DP).

There exist no IB school rankings based on official exam results. Moreover, schools differ in size, experience and subjects offered. Efficiency and progress of the programme in our school is reflected in the following facts and figures:
• since the beginning of the programme, 190 students attempted to obtain IB Diploma;
• 99% of them passed final examinations and received IB Diplomas, the majority of them obtained Billingual Diploma;
• average result rose by 8 points (45 is a maximum number of points)
• average grade (from 1 to 7) rose by 1,12;
• approximately 14% of graduates obtained 40 points or more;
• IB students can choose among 19 subjects offered by VIII PALO (9 more than in the first year of IB Programme).