Being Selfless Pays

The idea to reward meritorious students for their voluntary service was born ten years ago. For many years in our school educational programme, it has been seen as important to encourage students to undertake voluntary activities. These include helping the disabled people, the elderly, reading to children, charity bake sales, nationwide charity actions etc.

After a few years of students being engaged in this form of activity, the school psychologist Elżbieta Hejmo and the school head and professor Jerzy Waligóra have decided that although charity per se is gratuitous, it is worth symbolically rewarding outstanding students.

The Golden Karmel is an award. Its name refers to the name of the street where the schools’ headquarters are located. The Latin maxim on the medal captures the essence of voluntary service: „Frustra vivit qui nemini prodest” (“He who helps no one lives without purpose (in vain)”).

The medal is awarded by the decision of the Teachers Council.

Złoty Karmel
Złoty Karmel

Fot. Kinga Rupslaukis